Relocating via FaceTime

Jamaal and Stequita.jpg

Jamaal & Stequita were so energetic, fun and we are looking forward to double-dates in their new home that, thanks to technology, we toured via FaceTime!  

It was a journey that took us from the city, to Oak Park, and then back once they realized they wanted to be close to their new Doctor jobs (yes, they are two smart cookies and both doctors!).  We had fun touring several homes when they were in-town, and they just didn't find the perfect home that worked out for them.  So, fast-forward to a couple weeks after where we are offering on this new-construction home (um, do you see that KITCHEN?!) and it offers the space, proximity to the city and the features they wanted!  Plus, they are within walking distance to Kuma's Corner (dangerous...).  

Sometimes you CAN have your cake and "eat it too" and these two also got some of Chicago's finest cake creators on their closing date (Nothing Bundt Cakes, yummmm), which was actually the FIRST time they saw their home with their own eyes.  Fortunately, they loved it just as much as they did via FaceTime and we couldn't be more joyful for this fun-loving couple and their cute pup! 

Only Old Town


Jill was referred to us by a dear friend of ours, and we knew from the get-go she was a woman who knows what she wants!  We quickly narrowed her neighborhoods down, and since she was already familiar with the city, she zoned in on Old Town.  We checked out a few properties that she liked, but when she walked into this property, her eyes lit up and we knew we would be offering soon. 

We landed her this condo for a great price and she plans to put her personal touches on it (paint, etc.) and we can't wait to see it when it's done!  This fun chica now has a new home and it's plenty big for entertaining (see you soon at the house-warming party Jill!). 

First-time's a charm


Ali started her search early on - she came to us about a year out, which suited her perfectly since she looked into every property we sent her, understood what her criteria could get her and her likes/dislikes.  By the time we got her pre-approved for a mortgage and she was ready-to-go, she found her home almost immediately!

Sometimes, you just know when the property is a good fit for you and this property had it all: brand-new updates, hardwood floors, plenty of closet space and a great area.  We couldn't be happier for her and her adorable self!

Market Update: June 2018


"Where is the market headed?" .... "What's going on, are we still in a Seller's market?"...

We seem to get asked these questions almost daily, so here are 3 quick food-for-thoughts:

-The market is still a Seller's market as of now but shifting.  What that means is we are in a low-inventory market still, and buyers are struggling to see a huge number of properties hit the market...however, we are slowly increasing the number of inventory available.  Right now, on today's date, we are at about 4 months of inventory available.  Real estate data experts state that once a market hits 6 months or more of inventory available that it is a Buyer's market.  

-Chicago is still at record-high for the last several years in terms of the dollar amount properties are selling for (at this time last year, prices were about 2.5% lower).  

-What we are seeing change slightly (and very slightly) is the amount of time properties are spending on the market.  There are a few days difference between this time last year and where we are presently - nothing significant, but again, making that slow shift towards a Buyer's market. 

To summarize the above, none of these are "good" or "bad" - it just means our market is evolving and changing and investors, buyers and sellers will have to recognize that to understand how that affects pricing and inventory. 

TOP 10 FREE Chicago Summer Activities 2018

Save your $ for a down-payment on a house (and of course we can assist with that purchase...#noshameinourgame)...From free wine to free tours & free museum days, see below for our list of 10 of our favorite FREE Summer activities (click on each activity for more information): 

1.       Art Institute: Every Thursday 5-8 p.m.

2.       Adler Planetarium: June 21 & August 27-31

3.       Children’s Museum at Navy Pier: First Sunday of every month

4.       Field Museum: June 20-22

5.       Shedd Aquarium: June 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19

6.       LUSH Wine & Spirits (Roscoe Village, University Village & West Town): Every Sunday afternoon from 2-5 p.m. there is free wine tasting

7.       Millennium Park Workouts: Thursdays & Saturdays June 2 – September 1

8.       Madison Vine Wines West Loop: Free wine tastings 6-8 p.m. on Thursdays

9.       Visit the Anti-Cruelty Society (or another shelter) – this is a great way to get energized & make an animal’s day!

10.   Chicago Greeter Free Tours – This is an amazing way to explore our city with a guide, as if you were a tourist – trust us, you will learn something you didn’t know before!

To suburb or to city, that is the question....

When you're a #firsttimehomebuyer, its hard to know what to expect, in terms of what you get for your budget, how much space you truly need, and even what neighborhood vibe you're going for.  Briana & Adam knew they wanted to be close to shops/restaurants/the city, but the journey took us first from the North Side of the city to the lovely city of Downers Grove, that was named on the Forbes list at one point as "one of the friendliest towns in the country".  They both are so friendly and will fit in perfectly!...

When we walked into the house, it was evident it met their needs, in terms of having an updated kitchen that suited their tastes (it's even more beautiful in-person), a great space for entertaining, and also a home with a great layout that worked for them - something that can be challenging that many first-time homebuyers don't think of (square footage doesn't always = great layout, and you truly have to think through what YOUR needs are and what you want!). 

We're so grateful to help these two, and can't wait to see the place furnished!

unnamed (5).jpg

Great views ahead!...

Helping Juliana find her home was a process that needed to be detailed, timed perfectly and educational - she was relocating from New York, and would only be in town 2 days and we had to make the magic happen - which, it did fortunately!

The most beautiful 1-BR/1-BA top-floor penthouse unit in the heart of Lincoln Park was what she landed on and it is stunning.  I can't wait to see it decorated, our favorite part of finding people their homes is seeing it decorated to their liking!