#newdigs just in time for the #newyear!

Our two wonderful clients C. & N. came to us last year to start the home-buyer process. We sat down, educated them on the process and hit the ground running - fast. We landed on a home they loved within the first round of showings that met all of their needs…then, sadly inspection revealed some major issues that just were too large of a project to take on. Sometimes, even if you LOVE a property, it’s better to move on than to be stuck with a lemon - even if it LOOKS good from the outside, structural issues can be nightmares to fix and they always cost more and take longer than one would expect, trust us!

After a break on the home-search process, they came to us about a month ago ready to start actively looking again - it was time! We were so excited to find them a property that met both of their needs: updated, modern/nice and lots of space were on the list. Well, sure enough they found that and more in their new-construction home and we made an offer.

The list price was higher than we wanted, so we negotiated other key line-items that were important to them and got the job done at a price that came in thousands and thousands of dollars below the appraised value (#win!). We closed quickly and our lending team did a stellar job in getting the loan closed in almost a week’s time - a challenging feat that went super-smoothly!

We couldn’t be happier for this sweet couple that trusted us to find their home for them and can’t wait to see them all moved in and settled!

Check out some of the photos we took at final walk-through below!