From the Big Easy to the Big City


This adorable family of 4 (2 pups included) came to us with a goal to find a balance of somewhere in the city, with plenty of green space and square footage.  Since they were relocating, we started virtually and narrowed things down from there. 

They were so laid-back and kind through the process but were also quick decision-makers which expedited the process.  They also had purchased before (they were selling their home in New Orleans at the same time as house-hunting in Chicago), so the understood the in-and-outs of buying a home pretty well from the get-go. 

When buyers come to us from out of town, usually they pick a couple of days to visit and we line up a ton of showings to make sure they get the "lay of the land" and can see a variety of properties.  We saw everything from single-family homes in Avondale, to Oak Park mini-mansions, to condos and townhomes - they decided a walkable location in the city mattered most to them so we landed on a gorgeous 3 bedroom condo in one of the best areas in Lakeview. It's always fun to get to know clients this way, as when you spend 8-10 hours together exploring the city, it's always a good time!

Hardwood floors, an open-concept and spacious living area and a peaceful street that's still close-to-it-all was the winner.  We couldn't be happier for Rachael & Chris and are so grateful we got to be with them on this journey!